Warehousing & Delivery

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Warehousing, Delivery, Final Mile, & White Glove Assembly

When it comes time to renovate, relocate, or reconfigure, how can you ensure that all your assets all arrive on time, and in one piece? Whether you are looking for a safe space to store your stuff, need on-time delivery or professional on-site assembly, OFR has you covered for every mile. We also offer warehousing and distribution services to assist with your daily operations. 

No matter what you need stored, received, delivered, or shipped,  OFR can help. From furniture to supply surplus, office equipment to pallets of product, we have the space and the experience to handle all logistical aspects. 

Professional Moving, Handling, and Assembly

With a combined 20+ years of experience and over 10 years of service in the Treasure Valley, we can help you with any and all aspects of moving, product handling, and assembly of anything, from your furniture, fixtures, appliances, equipment, and more. We handle it all with care, so you can take a hands-off approach and know your items are in good hands. OFR has the know-how and the tools to take care of your business from moving in to moving out and all the moving of product in between. 

Services We Provide

  • Short- and long-term storage solutions. We can offer a secure location to store any excess inventory, furniture, boxes, office equipment not currently in use.
  • Comprehensive delivery services, whether it's from door to door, floor to floor, or miles away.
  • Final Mile services, for when you need an extra hand getting large deliveries from the warehouse to your door. 
  • White Glove Assembly of your equipment, furniture, and other assets to reduce your company’s downtime and get you up and running smoothly.

Warehousing and Distribution

We are now offering warehousing and distribution for any products. After taking customer orders, you can rely on OFR to take care of the packing, labeling, and shipping of the orders. Securely store your products at our facility and let us take care of getting them in your customers' hands. 

When you have products, equipment, pallets, or any items that you need stored and/or delivered, OFR can help. Whatever assets you need managed, we can manage everything from initial delivery from the manufacturer or warehouse, to all of the distribution process. We can handle your small parcel deliveries, so you can focus on the day to day operations that demand your attention stays elsewhere.

Contact us today to get a FREE quote and let us handle the rest!

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