Because of OFR's broad knowledge of any type, make or model of office furniture, you can expect efficiency and proficiency on moving day. Relieve the stress and anxiety associated with a move by knowing OFR will assemble, move, and reassemble office furniture without damage.

If you're moving into a larger - or smaller - space, let OFR help you reconfigure your office layout to best suit your needs. Do you have more furniture than you need? OFR will store it for you.

We can also help with Boise cross-town and regional residential moves. We provide professional movers and competitive rates.

We are based in Boise, Idaho, and locally owned and operated. OFR is large enough to move 400 offices - or small enough to move just one room. E-mail OFR today for a free estimate.

OFR Boise Map

Office Furniture Resources Boise
397 Steelhead Way
Boise, ID 83704

OFR Idaho Falls Map

Office Furniture Resources Idaho Falls
1530 Hollipark Drive, Suite E
Idaho Falls, ID 83401