Things To Consider When Buying Used Cubicles

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Outfitting a successful business with used cubicles could be a good way to induce your team into a productive position while not breaking the budget. Thankfully, used workplace furniture isn't confined solely to tables, desks, and chairs. Used cubicles are yours for the taking, however, there are some things to contemplate before buying.

Cubicle Size

Clearly, this may depend upon the quantity of space you've got to work with. Several cubicles may be configured into totally different heights and widths, supplying you with an array of sizing choices. Some cubicles are big enough to possess doors, whereas others are so compact they only contain a desk. Think about where your cubicles are going to be placed and check into meeting with a space planner to assist with layout concepts.


Cubicles usually have fabric-covered panels, some patterned, some plain. Think about what colors and patterns can work well together with your current or future décor. Should the cubicles have windows? Doors? Wood trim? Area for a guest chair or filing system? Some cubicles even have closets and wardrobes for private belongings. The choices are limitless, therefore identify those options that are must-haves and those that are nice extras before starting your search.

Also pay attention to the wear and tear on the cubicles. Are you ok with these minor defects in exchange for an excellent deal on the price? Will the defects be hidden, covered or repaired? Typically saving a bundle needs a bit of elbow grease. One issue you never should waver on is the cubicle’s structural integrity. If it doesn't sit squarely on the ground, you've got a safety risk. positively not worth the savings!

Technological Options

Today's cubicles usually have an array of technological enhancements like electrical and data ports and switches. Some even have lighting below the overhead storage units. Are these options vital to your business? Would they be helpful to your employees? Once more}, confirm your wants and desires before coming up with a final choice. 

Remember, the individuals you place in these cubicles are there for several hours on a daily basis. it may be tempting to decide on a cubicle that least impacts your business’ bottom line, but it’s necessary to keep in mind that the operating conditions of your team – and any negative effects like on the job injuries, worker’s comp, or days missed due to illness, etc, that result from those conditions – also will have an effect on your bottom line.

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By John Challenger

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