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When you move from location to location, it’s a given that you’ll need to pack your belongings into boxes. This is quite an unavoidable fact of moving. Also, while the scene where you pick up a box and the bottom falls out along with your belongings is pretty funny in the movies, in real life it is far from hilarious. That’s why we are able to provide some tips you can actually use when packing your belongings into boxes.

Once you learn some useful tips on how to pack a box properly, you won’t every wonder how the professionals do it again. If you learn the basic concept correctly, there’s really no more wondering about how the right way to pack a box is.

  • Prepare the Box Right- This is really the first tip you can start with and it has to do with the actual box itself. Remember to tape the seam on the bottom and then run another piece perpendicular to that seam.
  • Wrap your Items- Depending on what items are going into the box, it may make sense to wrap them in paper or another kind of protective wrapping. This will help protect the items from moving around in the box when being picked up.
  • Pack Plates on the Edge- Plates are actually most likely to break if they’re stored at the bottom of the box. To avoid them from breaking, store the plates on the edge of the box and make sure they’re wrapped in paper for protection.
  • Tape a Piece of String to the Box- As a cool trick, you can put a piece of string under the tape that you close your box with and leave a piece of that string hanging out. When you arrive at your new home you can simply yank on the string and open your box.

Now that you have some tips to pack your boxes, you can start packing right away and be prepared for that big move. Contact us to learn more!

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