How To Pick The Correct Moving Company For Your Upcoming Residential Or Commercial Move

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When beginning the moving process, many people start by looking for the least expensive movers they can find. Most times this will wind up creating more headaches than it is worth. On moving day you do not want any last-minute surprises especially when it comes to the final bill. You also want to make sure that your items are protected. Not just with a pad and a strap but what happens should one get damaged. Who pays the bill for that? You would think it would be the moving company but that is not always the case if they do not have the proper insurance. The questions are designed to help you make the best decision when it comes to your big day! Take a minute and read through them before calling your movers for quotes. (PS - No mover should ever charge you to come and give a quote).

Below you will find a list of items you must ask your mover as you search for the proper match.

  • Does your company charge by the piece, the weight, or by the hour?
  • Do you have a minimum charge? What is the charge once the minimum is met -- in 15-minute increments or each half-hour?
  • Do you charge additional for larger things like piano moving, big-screen televisions, or flights of stairs? (This is not uncommon.)
  • Do you charge for the travel time from your location to my home?
  • Do you charge more for moves in the evenings or on the weekends?
  • What payment choices are offered? (Many movers will ask for a deposit.)
  • Do you have full-time movers or use temps and day labor? (Be cautious of moving companies that use temps or day labor they may not be properly insured.)
  • Do you carry Worker's Compensation for your employees? (Request a copy of the Certificate Of Insurance)
  • What training have your movers and drivers completed?
  • Are my items insured throughout the move? (Even if a mover is bonded and insured, it does not imply that your things are covered throughout the move. Request that they send you the Certificate Of Insurance)
  • What is your cancellation policy? (You should be able to cancel or postpone up to a number of days before your move.)
  • Do you provide free moving quotes? (For homes larger than 3 bedrooms, try and get an on-site estimate done. Be thorough in identifying all the things you would like moved. Do not forget the basement and attic.)
  • Do you have any suggestions on a way to make the move easier? (Movers who show care concerning client service and creating a positive move experience for you will do all they can to assist you)
  • Do you have a contact source for the day of the move if any challenges arise?

I hope that the ideas above will be used as food for thought. There are great moving companies out there that will take care of you and your valuable items. Remember, some people will tell you anything in order to get your business. It is not a binding agreement unless it is in writing. Ask to see a copy of the insurance policy. This is something that can be sent via email to you very quickly upon request. Make sure that you, your items, and your home (old and new) are protected. Good luck on moving day and enjoy your new home!

By John Challenger

John Challenger is the owner of OFR, Inc.

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