Having a Moving Sale

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It happens all the time. You’re moving and the new place you’re moving to just won’t handle all the stuff that you have accumulated over the years. Either that, or you actually notice the stockpile of all the useless junk you have gained over the years and you’re not willing to take it with you to the new location. Well there’s a simple solution to all this and it’s called a moving sale.

Moving sales are like yard sales but with better stuff. Moving sales are also designed to get rid of larger items that are more of a hassle to move than they are worth. We are happy to provide you with some tips for managing a moving sale so that you can sell your items more easily and get on with your move.

  • Get your Friends Involved- If you have any friends that owe you favor or money that’ll never get paid back, this is the time to collect. Ask some of your friends to help man the sale and help actually sell the items.
  • Organize your Items- You don’t want to throw everything together on one table. A little organization on how you present your items can go a long way. People will be able to browse by category and item this way.
  • Don’t forget to Advertise- Advertising on free sources like Craig’s List can really drive a lot of traffic to your sale. You can also explore paid options like newspaper classifieds to expand your reach.
  • Put a Price Tag on Everything- Don’t forget to put a price tag on everything you’re planning on selling. This will avoid confusion when it comes to selling the product to a potential buyer.

Once you have cleared the clutter from your garage or storage area, you can start moving some of the more important stuff.

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