Can you Help the Movers?

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This question sometimes comes up more frequently than you think, and is concerning how you can prepare your house so that it’s most friendly for when the professional movers come in to do the dirty work. Although movers are able to work with any environment, there are definitely a few things that can be done that make the lives and work of the movers quite a bit easier. Following tips such as these can really make a difference in efficiency and the time it may take to move a certain room or household.

Follow some of the tips listed below if you are interested in helping your movers:

  • Use Lidded Boxes- Using lidded boxes will help keep your belongings organized and secure. It also makes stacking quite a bit easier and will reduce the likelihood of damage to your items.
  • Label Boxes Boldly- By doing this, you are allowing the mover to know exactly where a box needs to go. Scribbling a faint name of a bedroom in pen is not nearly as effective as bolding the location in legible hand writing.
  • Remove all Cash and Jewelry- This is more of a liability issue on our behalf, but we strongly recommend that any cash and expensive jewelry be packed up by you and then moved by you.
  • Store Boxes Near the Door- When you’re in the process of packing boxes and setting them aside, it will save time if the boxes are near an exit or in the garage. This will save the movers time when actually moving the boxes out of the house.

By following some of these tips, you’re saving yourself and the movers time when the big day arrives.

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